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Proprietary Methodologies

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“What should we do?” This is the real question that company leaders come to us with. And it’s the depth and breadth of our answers which provides clients with the clarity & confidence they’re seeking.

This achievement requires us to take a disciplined approach to developing strategies, employing our firm’s proprietary methodologies. These proven practices allow us to work with boundless ingenuity, but do so within an integrative, refined and evolved framework.

Brand Stratagem®

The Brand Stratagem® is a trade secret, revealed only to clients.

Our proprietary planning system is a step-by-step, disciplined, and highly-integrated method of creating brand and marketing strategies that are designed to generate real business effects. The effect of the Brand Stratagem® process is the clarity & confidence we promise, and what our clients look to us for.

ROSTEM Planning Process

The ROSTEM Planning Process lies at the foundation of the Brand Stratagem®.

ROSTEM is a proprietary methodology for planning which we use every day, for jobs big and small. Following the steps ensures that we don’t jump to tactics based on gut feelings or impulse, but instead, make daily decisions for our clients based on proper context, knowledge of what we aim to achieve, and a survey of the possible paths to success.

ROSTEM Planning Process

Brand Presence

We build businesses by growing brands, and we do so by first defining clear strategies which impact Brand Presence.

The term “Brand Presence” is one that our firm’s founder first coined. It’s an important concept, because the quantity and quality of Brand Presence directly impacts bottom-line results. With expanded Brand Presence, a wider variety of consumers choose the brand, market penetration is increased, and its market share rises. And with greater market share come the spoils.

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