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As it turns out, Napoleon wasn’t short…for his time. The Vikings never wore helmets with horns…ever. And bulls don’t hate the color red…they’re actually color blind.

There are a lot of things people used to believe that simply are not true. We know they’re not true because we have evidence that proves otherwise. And what people believe is true about brand and marketing strategy—it’s no different. A good portion of what branding and marketing consultants say is true, simply is not. We know it’s not true because we have evidence that proves otherwise.



Jason Fish & Co. was founded on the belief that a firm with an evidence-based approach to developing brand and marketing strategies, could help its clients make a more significant impact in the marketplace.

Our goal is not to provide mere brand and marketing recommendations based on our opinion. Our goal—our promise—is to deliver clarity & confidence based on evidence. We deliver on our promise, in part, by utilizing the evidence provided by decades of research in the field of Marketing Science. And what the evidence shows is that many of marketing’s sacred cows—sold as truth by today’s best-selling how-to books—need to be put down.

Focus on
Business Effects

We design brand and marketing strategies for our clients which focus on evoking real business effects.

When we say real business effects, we mean metrics such as: increased market penetration, market share growth, rises in profitability, price sensitivity reduction, and more. And the evidence provided by Marketing Science allows us to confidently choose the messages, mediums, channels, allocations, and so forth, which have proven in the past to evoke real business effects.

Focus on
Business Effects


So much of what passes for brand and marketing consultation is completely disconnected from the business itself. Why?

Why is it that business models, business goals, internal realities, market catalysts, and so on, are not taken into account when strategies are designed? This is not the case at Jason Fish & Co.. We firmly believe that effective brand strategies are built on business objectives, and that effective marketing strategies are built on clear brand strategies. And Marketing Science helps us to know how best to connect our clients’ marketing efforts directly to their business goals.

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