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Human Sciences

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Why do human beings behave the way they do? What impulses drive their decision-making? How does society influence their thoughts, emotions and behaviors?

These are all questions that the Human Sciences attempts to answer, and we find the ever-deepening discoveries in these fields to be invaluable when applied to brand strategy and marketing strategy. We use these insights to craft plans which: tap into consumer emotions, evoking behaviors which benefits the consumer, grows our clients’ brands, and positively affects marketing efforts.

Behavioral Economics

Insights from the field of Behavioral Economics have overturned the way in which sophisticated business leaders view consumer behavior.

No longer can consumers be considered rational actors who objectively evaluate and measure all of their options, then choose according to their best interests. Over the last decade, research has clearly put that Neo-Classical Economics notion to rest. The discoveries of Behavioral Economics are continually integrated into our methodologies, strategies, and recommendations.

Social, Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology

Evoking consumer behavior may be the end goal of a brand’s marketing efforts, but the consumer’s action originates in the mind.

We apply the principles of several schools of psychology to our strategic approaches, including the schools of Social, Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology. We believe that understanding the mechanisms of human thought, emotion, and action are absolutely essential to the conception of sophisticated branding and marketing strategies.

Social, Cognitive & Behavioral Psychology


Neuroscience allows us to directly measure the implicit emotional responses of consumers to brand and marketing efforts.

This allows us to evaluate—directly—what triggers and stimuli evoke the intended biological responses. In addition, general research in the fields of Neuroscience and Neuromarketing are growing rapidly, allowing us to learn from these scientific discoveries and apply them to our brand strategies and marketing strategies.

History, Art, Philosophy & Commerce

The on-going conversation between science, art, philosophy, and commerce influences the brand and marketing strategies we develop.

The Human Sciences have been described as an “approach to science that seeks to understand human experience in a deeply subjective, historical, contextual, cross-cultural, and spiritual terms…. By being interpretive, reflective, and appreciative, human science re-opens the conversation among science, art, and philosophy.” And may we add: “commerce.”

History, Art, Philosophy & Commerce

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