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Who We Are

We are Jason Fish & Co. — a brand and marketing strategy firm.

We’re for company leaders who are serious about building their businesses by growing their brands. What we provide them is the clarity & confidence they need to make crucial brand and marketing decisions. And with clarity & confidence, we create powerful, integrated strategies for our clients’ business, brand, and marketing activities. We deliver on this promise by employing an evolved, evidence-based approach to developing strategies, using our firm’s Four Keys.

Key One:
Marketing Science

As it turns out, Napoleon wasn’t short…for his time. The Vikings never wore helmets with horns…ever. And bulls don’t hate the color red…they’re actually color blind.

There are a lot of things people used to believe that simply are not true. We know they’re not true because we have evidence that proves otherwise. And what people believe is true about brand and marketing strategy—it’s no different. A good portion of what branding and marketing consultants say is true, simply is not. We know it’s not true because we have evidence that proves otherwise.

Key One:
Marketing Science

Key Two:
Human Sciences

Why do human beings behave the way they do? What impulses drive their decision-making? How does society influence their thoughts, emotions and behaviors?

These are all questions that the Human Sciences attempts to answer, and we find the ever-deepening discoveries in these fields to be invaluable when applied to brand strategy and marketing strategy. We use these insights to craft plans which tap into consumer emotions, evoking behaviors which benefits the consumer, grows our clients’ brands, and positively affects marketing efforts.

Key Three:
Proprietary Methodologies

“What should we do?” This is the real question that company leaders come to us with. And it’s the depth and breadth of our answers which provides clients with the clarity & confidence they’re seeking.

This achievement requires us to take a disciplined approach to developing strategies, employing our firm’s proprietary methodologies. These proven practices allow us to work with boundless ingenuity, but do so within an integrative, refined and evolved framework.

Key Three:
Proprietary Methodologies

Key Four:
Expertise & Experience

We believe, whole-heartedly, that the most effective brand and marketing strategies originate in the minds of strategists with wide cross-category experience and expertise.

And although we understand why some company leaders seek consultants with category-specific experience, the fact is, scientifically-tested principles of effective marketing do not vary by category, industry or even country. And to be steeped in the knowledge of how markets interconnect and inform each other…that’s no small thing.

Below is a small sampling of the international and national brands that the people of Jason Fish & Co. have worked with…

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